How to Become a Certified Spooky2 Trainer

With an increasing demand for Spooky2 training sessions and private tutors that are designed to help new members of the community, Spooky2 Team introduced a new system to educate existing users and created a pathway for them to have a chance to develop further in the training field. We wish to gather friendly, professional, and responsible trainers to help the Spooky2 community flourish.

Study the online courses and get prepared for the assessment

To begin your training program, please sign up first on the website: Browse the available courses, select the ones that you are interested or that you think you might need further clarification, finish the training courses, and get ready for the assessment.

Register for your assessment

The assessment system for Spooky2 trainers consists of the following three parts:

1. A written examination
2. A video trial lecture with a score of 90 and above
3. Three trial webinars

Once an applicant passes the Trainer Assessment, a Spooky2 Trainer Certificate will be sent by the Spooky2 team as the training qualification.

The assessment is free-entry.
There are no limits to the number of times that you re-sit the assessment.

Upgrade your certification

Trainer Rating works as a reference to keep track of each Spooky trainer’s performance in their course. We suggest our trainers developing their training and educating skills, improving their ratings, and gathering more trainees gradually.

The rating is based on trainees’ feedback and is calculated by the Spooky2 Team after each training course. There are four levels of rating in which the trainers can upgrade themselves within the program system:

1. Bronze: the default level
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Diamond

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