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He does his training in the English language and aims to help others use spooky2 products smoothly.


Jaime Retamoso is a production consultant for the oil and gas industry, with a solid knowledge of chemical and physical processes and reactions, nanoparticle applications, and stacking of seismic data.

He happily shares his life with his wife, who is a medic with a specialization in Integrative medicine. He has had a passion for holistic medicine for 6 years, studying bio-resonance, radiesthesia, homeopathy, parasitology and more. He has studied famous people like Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, Peter Gariaev and many other great men and women who dedicated their lives to investigating cures for people. In this webinar, Jaime will share his journey of discovery with others. Those who have been able to alleviate the pain and suffering of another person can understand the joy of giving.



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Phone: +55 65 9927-6938
Email: jaimeretamoso@gmail.com


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