Dr. Liviu Stanisor


Dr. Liviu Stanisor


Dr. Liviu Stanisor does his training in the English and also leads web conferences on specific Spooky2 themes.


Dr. Stanisor is a medical doctor who has also completed years of research work in other related health fields. He was awarded a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in the Netherlands and has published articles in prestigious scientific journals, including Nature Neuroscience; a monthly scientific journal published by Nature Publishing Group which publishes original research papers relating specifically to neuroscience. His specialist discipline is Nuclear Medicine, but he has had a natural interest in alternative medicine since childhood. He is attuned to several types of Reiki (including Crystal Reiki) and has qualifications in both angel and sound therapy.

When Dr. Stanisor developed health issues that could not be helped by mainstream medicine, his search for solutions led him to frequency therapy, and ultimately the range of Spooky2 devices. Now he is an expert in the use of the Spooky2 products.



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