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1on1 Starting Your Spooky2 Experience


I am posting this service again after sadfully all data got lost. I have been active on this site(since fall 2021) when it was in try-out and helped to develope it. I posted this 10n1 training for those of you who, as I, are overwhelmed by all the information that is available but is a bit too vast to plough through to get you comfortably started. Since I am from a pre-computer age and I did it (I am in my 60’s) I would like to help you find out the basics that will get you started.

I will clear two hours in my schedule to dedicate to this service and I will make sure to have another 30 minutes free so we will not have to cut off in a hurry.

I would like to post a testimonial from my client, now a friend, Cindy who really did a lot of effort to find me again after the ‘crash’ of all the work I did before.

So this is what Cindy said:

Spooky2 was challenging at first.  the directions seem conflicting.  it was a lot of information.  We used it for 3 months wrong with little results.  The Facebook group gave me some answers but more questions and not always instructions that coincided with the machine’s technical specs.  But once I got training from Alice suddenly we were having dramatic results. I highly recommend Alice and have recommended her to others.  For me, Spooky training with Alice should be mandatory to see results and when you get a machine.

She keeps the meeting on track to make sure you leave being able to use your spooky.


sarah armstrong
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“Alice was an incredible help getting me started with my spooky unit. Her training was comprehensive and she spent the entire time answering my questions and did not make me feel rushed or silly for questions. We covered so much information but she made sure I thoroughly understood along the way so that I di not get overwhelmed. She had lots of helpful tips and I fully feel like I know what I am doing now! I am looking forward to booking a follow up to continue to further my spooky knowledge :) Thanks Alice!”

Adrian Tirado
Email Verified Adrian Tirado


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    • How was my proffesional behaviour?
    • How was my quality of work?
    • Was I focused to deadline?
    • Was it worth it having my services?

“Después de búsqueda y búsqueda Alice me ha puesto al tanto casi de inmediato, agradezco tu empeño y disposición muy agradecido ya puedo movilizarse en el berkana radionics y lo básico del generador xm muchas gracias Alice ”