Jonathan Ellis


Jonathan Ellis

United States

He does his training in the English language and also leads web conferences on specific Spooky2 themes.


Having successfully used rife equipment in the past, Jonathan was initially drawn to the possibilities of Spooky2’s remote functionality. After proving to his own satisfaction that it worked, the additional capabilities of the equipment sealed the deal. He has never looked back. Jon is a working artist, and an Adobe software instructor at the university level. With his business partner, SumaraMarie, he owns and operates Rifework, where they work with clients both locally and around the world. His creative energy drives him to explore beyond the obvious. Keeping his mind open to possibilities, and having the good fortune to own all the Spooky2 equipment, he tries everything. Sometimes the results are beyond expectations. Sometimes they are not. He maintains that personal experience is the only real measure of what’s true, and further insists that when something “unbelievable” turns out to be true – it does not directly equate to other unbelievable things also being true. His training methods center around pushing newcomers to make their own discoveries, and to not depend on anyone else, himself included, to inform their ultimate understanding.



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Spooky2 Verifed Trainer – Copper Level

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