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I am born in Switzerland, 33 years old. I studied Mathematics, Music and physical Education with a Master in Arts of Secondary Education. I also hold a degree for Theta healing and am studying for a degree in Naturopathy.

I work with a MD, specialized for tropical medicine, in Central America, having treated thousands of people from various diseases. We have witnessed many health improvements in patients.

Working with bio electric medicine has changed my view on medicine and illness in general. I truly believe that the future of medicine is working with microcurrents, magnetic fields, sound therapy and light, as well as healthy nutrition.

Currently, we work for free to help the people in need with medicine, with food, building roofs, etc. You can see our work on

The rate for the hour includes a consultation with the doctor. He worked for over 35 years with bio electric medicine, working on research for universities in the United States and Central America, teaching in Universities about bio electric medicine.


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technical assistant for MD specialized in tropical medicine

  •  Guatemala
  •  Sep 2009 - May 2022

Since 2018 and ongoing I have been a technical assistant for a medical doctor for bio electric medicine. I have been studying bio electrical devices and accumulated some know how over the years about bio electric medicine, natural medicine and intuitive medicine. the work is ongoing.


  •  Middle Schools

I have been working as a teacher in several schools, including Rudolf Steiner Schools in Switzerland. Over the time, I have been teaching french, english, sports, mathematics, biology, chemistry and german.


Master in Arts of Secondary Education

  •  PHBern
  •  Sep 2009 - Jun 2014

I hold a Bachelor and Master in Arts of Secondary Education, with the main topics of Mathematics, Music and Sports. I specialized on Classical Music.

Theta Healing

  •  Karin Wyttenbach
  •  May 2016 - Jun 2016

Theta Healing is an alternative form of healing, developed by Vianna Stibal. I hold the Theta Healing Practitioner Diploma.


  •  INGTA (Guatemala)
  •  May 2022 - Nov 2022

I hold a diploma for naturopathy from the Institute for Naturopathy and alternative medicine Guatemala (INGTA)