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I’ve now worked with many clients from around he world, assisting beginners to understand the Spooky2 software and its relationship to the generators, as wells as intermediate users wishing to explore more of the details of the software. We work through interactive one-on-one Zoom sessions.

My work is all about service. I believe in an equal exchange and balance in all things. I always deliver more than expected. All services are 100% Guaranteed. My per hour charge is loosely applied and email questions that come up later are always answered maybe not quickly, but always…-)

The one-on-one client-work I describe above has been ongoing even as this Academy site was being constructed, so there has not been an opportunity for those clients  to offer ratings or commentary. I’m sure their opportunity will be available soon enough.-)

Additional Info:

  • I’m a working artist in multiple art forms from bronze to film work.
  • I hold a Masters in Media from the New School in NYC – working with all forms of software is second nature.
  • I’ve worked with, and have used, alternative therapies for more than 35 years.
  • I believe in science, and I believe in much that science avoids investigating:-)
  • I remain open minded, and fascinated by the world, seen and unseen.
  • I’ve been Rolfed. (Joe Heller, of Hellerwork, was my Rolfer).
  • I’m an EST graduate. (If you know about that – you do.-)
  • I’ve mediated in isolation tanks.
  • I’ve used grounding sheets and mats.
  • I successfully used Dinshah Spectro-chrome lights to cure several disorders including precancerous growths in my mouth.
  • I’ve used other Rife equipment with great results.
  • Everything I’ve done in the past has lead me directly to Spooky2


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